IG+ Crosshair Builder

Start by adding your first layer by clicking on 'Add layer'.

You can also edit an existing crosshair via the 'Import crosshair' button.


Layer properties

Scale horizontal: 0
Scale vertical: 0
Offset horizontal: 0
Offset vertical: 0
Layer name (optional):

Keyboard control

You can use your keyboard for faster editing.

  • Arrow keys: Move a layer left/right/top/down
  • SHIFT + Arrow keys: Resize a layer
  • N : New layer
  • C : Copy layer
  • D : Delete layer

Note: Use Chrome browser for multiline import.

Paste this in your InstaGibPlus.ini

And make sure bUseCrosshairFactory is set to True

Start by adding your first layer.

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~~~~~Made for InstaGib+ by GodsCreation~~~~~